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It’s amazing how swiftly the topics upon which one can speak with authority alter with circumstance. A few months ago, if you’d asked me about US public decency laws, or the relative merits of beef & pork hot-dogs, you probably would have gotten a blank stare. Likewise, whereas recently I could speak at length about the current mood of Bob Crow and the RMT, or the distinctive qualities of a range of organic ciders, I wouldn’t know where to begin any longer.

One topic that’s particularly caught my attention over the last couple of months has been the USD/GBP exchange rate. Merely a novelty in the past, this is a genuine care now that I’m spending in dollars and getting paid in pounds. And it’s not going so well. USD GBP rates for 2010

No longer just a pretty graph for me to play amateur economist with, this is now a pretty graph that makes the difference between me buying 5 beers and me buying 4.86 beers. Or, $4 out of every $100 I transfer – that’s current rates vs those when I moved – if you prefer a more traditional measure.

You know who I blame for all this? You. The majority of people reading this blog are doing so from the UK – I checked – and, frankly, if you have time to spare to look at pictures of bagels and hear about some bars a few thousand miles away, then you’re clearly slacking off at something. Try doing some work for a change, and get the UK economy back in shape. I’ll try and sabotage things on this end too, but I’m counting on you to make a real difference.

If things don’t improve, I’ll be setting up a PayPal account for y’all to send compensation.


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