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Children’s Week

Another week, another girl visiting, another Broadway musical. I like to pretend it’s a chore but really they’re pretty amazing.

Fie took me along to see Chicago – after we discovered there’s a TKTS booth right next to my house – which, for the uninitiated, prominently features a fantastically talented band that rarely get a glance from the audience because they’re mere backup for a horde of scantily-clad harlots. Naturally, I approved of the choice of musical.

What was quite disturbing though, was the fact that this was Children’s Week on Broadway, where youngsters were brought along to experience the magic of the stage in the hopes that they too would forego a rigorous mathematical education in favour of singing and dancing (the fools.) Frankly, it seemed unfair advertising to suggest to adolescent boys that if they began ballet lessons, they’d soon be within touching distance of the barely-dressed leggy blondes on the stage in front of them.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.


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