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Next time you’d like some fun, ask an American where they’re from. It’s great. So, so few of them will ever name a state, or tell you that they’re American. Instead, you’ll hear a rich and wondrous listing of European and African nations being listed in an undeniably American accent. If you’re lucky, there might be a parent actually born in one of the countries named, and on rare occasion the American may have visited that country, or may even have a rudimentary grasp of the language.

Whilst I understand ones heritage has an influence and impact on growing up, and living life – I’ll support Scotland in sports any time Wales aren’t playing – it’s baffling to me how strongly it’s taken here. The African-Americans (don’t worry, I haven’t gone native, in this case the term is accurate) I’ve met and seen in performing especially seem to buy into the Roots culture.

I get the impression it may be localised to certain areas of the USA – somehow I can’t see Texans telling me about their French ancestry – and may in some way be symbol of social status nowadays, with people trying to distance themselves from the vociferous proclaimers of all-American ideology like Sarah Don’t Run, Reload Palin, but that’s not really something I can substantiate.

One thing I can guarantee though, is that if every Irish American moved back ‘home’, property prices in Dublin would at least quadruple within a week.


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