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Hidden Treasures

Beyond, behind, and even underneath the towering spires and world-famous spaces that make up New York City – the best city in the world – lies a vast wealth of hidden delights. Whether it’s a great little place to while away an afternoon; a club that’s underground in every sense of the word; or a tiny little taqueria on a side street serving the best quesedillas north of the border, you could explore this city for a lifetime and still be surprised.

A few of my friends have sent me a link to this fantastic video, which I’ve only recently gotten around to watching fully. It’s a mini-documentary by an urban explorer who shows us around the hidden depths of the city, and then climbs the Brooklyn Bridge to top it all off.

The real hidden treasure in New York, though, isn’t one of the thousand diversions one can share with a friend or loved one. It’s not the architecture, the landscaping or even the unfound areas of the city seen by a select few. The real hidden treasure is $10,000 in dollar-coins in a treasure chest somewhere.

We Lost Our Gold New York

Yes, there is buried treasure under New York City. I want to go and find it. Who’s in?


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