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Who Needs Curtains?

Improvisation is the key to getting along in life. With a bit of duct-tape and a Swiss Army penknife one can do anything. Even the sun itself is no match for a bit of cardboard and a can-do spirit.

Here’s how I slept on my first night in my new apartment. I should point out that’s a pair of glass doors leading to a balcony behind all that.

Lacking Curtains

Fast forward a couple of days and a trip to an IKEA so large that Theseus would have had issues, and I now have a chest of drawers (246 steps to put together) and the exact same bed I slept on back in Birmingham (72 steps to put together) — hooray for globalisation.

I still don’t have a curtain rail though. I keep taking the shower curtain down every night and using the rod from that instead though.


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