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Natural Disasters

I experienced my very first earthquake last Tuesday. Or at least, I was present at the time it occurred – eating lunch in a park. I didn’t actually feel a thing, other than an overwhelming sense of curiosity as to why hordes of people were standing around looking up at buildings and not taking photos of them. For once, it wasn’t tourists who believed they were at Ground Zero because they saw a sign for the World Trade Center PATH station, but office workers evacuated from their buildings. Maybe I’m just desensitised, having lived half a block from the subway for the past few months.

Some people felt a bit of a shake, and there was even structural damage done in New York city (below), but I’m not entirely sure the panic-stricken reaction was quite justified, certainly not in the city anyway. My friends in California were in hysterics watching the east coast reactions.

NYC Earthquake Damage

And so, it’s hard for me to take the upcoming hurricane particularly seriously, especially when I’m gathering most of my news from Twitter. Trending topics right now include “GET THE HELL OFF” [the densely crowded beach] and “Trader Joe’s” — it’s reported that the line at Trader Joe’s Wine Shop is over 250 people long, and that in Brooklyn, Trader Joe’s has run out of coffee. Home Depot is practically empty. New Yorkers really know how to panic buy.

The entire subway system has been shut down for the weekend, and the city split up into evacuation zones in an idea that seems like it came straight from zombie films. Zone A, the most at risk, has been evacuated already – at least 275,000 people, including my old apartment. People are also being advised to prepare to evacuate any residences above the 10th floor, lest the rip through the windows. New Yorkers have adapted to this new system well:

Once Zone A evacuates us Zone B and C’ers should go take all their stuff

I will only date Zone B men from now on. Less dangerous than Zone A, but edgier than Zone C

And hundreds upon hundreds of variations upon the below. I wish I lived on one of the borders so I could join in the competitive drinking that’s doubtless happening on all the borders.

Zone B represent!

I’m safe and well though. I have a hurricane-songs playlist, a lot of alcohol, and unread books about physics. Sounds like a good weekend.


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