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Super Bowl, Parades & Disney World

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl this weekend, it was pretty amazing. I watched the game and ate chicken wings, celebrated a little at the end, and then went back to resume my day-to-day life.

What I hadn’t realised, however, was that this was just the beginning. Americans love parades. I love parades. I love that Americans love parades. I don’t know why people in the rest of the world don’t follow in the footsteps of America and seize any opportunity to have one.

I particularly enjoyed this parade, in which every member of the Giants staff, (seemingly) every marching band on the East Coast of America and anyone else with a brightly coloured uniform or car spent more than a full hour walking down the Canyon Of Heroes. Or, as I call it, Broadway in the Financial District.

Giants Parade

Photos from my office, courtesy of Huascar Fiorletta

Now, I just so happen to work on the corner of Broadway, and as such, the view from my office was quite spectacular. In fact, the view of thousands of drunk giants fans at 9am as I arrived was already impressive enough, but standing on the 10th floor overlooking the parade was an experience. The parade passed under block after block of skyscrapers, whose inhabitants showered them with confetti in celebration. Those that didn’t have prefabricated confetti improvised by emptying the shredders in their offices onto the street instead, even throwing whole sheets of paper, including stock-calls, social-security numbers and confidential medical information. Way to go New York.

Giants Parade 2

This, however, was apparently the second part of the celebration for Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, who had just arrived back from Orlando. I was proud of his anti-commercialism, sporting spirit as he ran off the stage where he was awarded the Super Bowl trophy, ignoring the keys to the new Chevy that were being waved at him, to go and celebrate with his team. Apparently, however, he wasn’t completely immune to his commercial obligations though, I missed the following:

Immediately following the game, Manning looked into TV cameras and shouted “I’m Going to Disney World!” He is the latest star in the famous Disney commercial series.

~ The Denver Post

Eli Manning at Disney World

Since 1987, Super Bowl Champions have answered the now oft-unasked question “You’ve won the Super Bowl…now what?” with this famous response. In fact, they now answer the question twice, the second time substituting ‘Disney World’ for ‘Disneyland’, to better relate to their fans on the West Coast. I can’t really blame them, a parade with Mickey Mouse is pretty awesome and I bet Eli didn’t have to queue up for rides, but it’s certainly nothing I’ve seen before.

Sports here are great, and whilst American Football will never take the place of rygbi in my heart, the post-game celebrations are a whole different ball game, and I love it.


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